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Do you afraid of job interview?

Do you afraid of job interview? I am really fraid of job interview in English)) ahaha



yes ,of course.i need a perfect accent first:)))

really afraid...

I don’t want to chat with a stranger.That makes me tension....



Absolutely, I think anyone also feel worry....With me, I'm very afraid even though I have never interviewed :-)

Hello I am afraid also, Recently I took an english interview, I don´t pass I don´t know why but I think that my accent and my pronunciation were very bad in that interview, I could understand everything she says and I could answer all her questions. However, My nervousness hinders my ability to communicate well. M_rk_s is right and I recommend you a web page with some questions and answers


I hope this helps.

Until now I have never made an english job interview but If It happened right now, I would feel more sure and able to hold and respond to the questions....But My pronunciation will continue to be bad


never anymore, don't need job interviews,I am the my own boss; when i did, i showed them they need me and not the other way around

I think it's very natural to be a bit nervous about job interview. Although you can overcome your frightening by training. Some rehearsals with a friend or teacher can bring you more confidence.

BTW, you can even apply for some job you are not really want to take, but just to exercise your interview skills.

just show your confidence

I do a lot of interviews in English of people who are non-native English speakers.  Here are some of my suggestions:


1.  A lot of times people mis-understand the question.  If you have any doubts about what is being asked, ask for a clarification, or restate the question back to the interviewer. 


2.  If the interview is in person, sometimes drawing a picture or diagram is good.  I had an inteview once that was not going well at all, but the person stopped to draw a picture and demonstrated his understanding of the process so well that we wound up hiring him.


3.  When you are speaking, pause occasionally so that if the interviewer needs to break in, they can.  If you're nervous, you might just keep speaking for 10 minutes straight.  Don't.


4.  Rehearse your answers to common questions.  Over and over.  And then over again.

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