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PEOPLE FROM THE USA!! What do u think about Russia?

it's really interesting for me :)



I love the architeture, the rich history and the old buildings.  I'll just need to bring a jacket when I go.

Big, Far, Red

I enjoyed my time there.  Friendly people, good champagne, and really good ice cream even in January. 

Sadly, there are draconian anti-gay laws, and all Russians should speak out.  It really is disgusting that a so-called super power could have such horrible laws against homosexuals.   Many bars here in the US are now boycotting Russian vodka to protest.  Also, many people are saying that the US should boycott the Olympics when they are there.  It appears that Russia is going back into the Middle Ages with this type of human rights abuse.

@Goatish, @Heathy yes, it's really true!! So few people who would understand me. My friends said me that they think it's good law. And I'm sad, that my country can't understand that every human has the right to be a free, every human has the right to have a choice.

 @DamskiyUgodnik, прости, но шел бы ты отсюда, петушок свое мнение при себе, ок?

@Heathy я Полина, и я полностью с Вами согласна)

@DamskiyUgodnik я даже не буду спорить с тобой, если ты думаешь, что иметь противоположную точку зрения от твоего мнения - это прогибаться. на твои комментарии смешно смотреть, т к никому не  интересна твоя точка зрения здесь, так что не засоряй мне ленту и просто молчи, а то чем дальше, тем хуже) 


it's better than the middle east, still peaceful, evey country has issues and we die

I am not from the US, but I just can't resist putting my comment here, sorry. 

The Russian people I have met in the US, Taiwan, and on italki in general are very intelligent. They are knowledgeable about literature, philosophy, science, arts, and music. My impression of the resident Putin is that he is a judo black belt, a jet plot and a man with charisma. But the punk band Pussy Riot incident changed my opinion of this guy. From what I heard from 60 min, he seemed to have been tightening government’s control over people’s voices of criticism, especially ones directed toward him. Is that true?

NoAgenda, you're absolutely right. And it's true. 

And my opinion about Pussy Riot incident: that girls just wanted to be heard. It was the only one way.

And I think God so kind and forgiving that He doesn't offended :)




I wonder what is so draconian about these laws????!!!!!  Gay people are still free to be gays. Boycotting vodka - that's really good, I wish it would make people more sober.  Boycotting Olympic Games hmmm wasn't it because of Snowden?

NoAgenda: Do you think Putin should have awarded them with the medal for the mediocre blashemy in the church?

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