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. Do you think that marriage should be for life? Should divorce be made easier or more difficult?

How do the people in your country refer  to the divorced women,,,,,?

For example in Armenia the devorcement used to be very shameful,,  but nowadays with the increasing  of it  people get used to that , and day by day stop blaming the divorced women.. but yet gossip about them ,,:))



What's your situation ?

:)))   great ,,,!! i agree...:))

@Blitzy   ,,,why do you always think that my discussions are connected with me?   They are just discussions ,to listen opinions...

I think marriage it's not for everyone because more than sign a paper what makes a marriage something real is the commitment that you have to your couple. But love is free, you don't have to stay in a bad relationship when you know that it's not working anymore. So if you have tried before but you don't feel happy the divorce is an option. You don't have to put attention about people say, you will never make people be in agreement with you so people should just live their lives, that's all. 

Thanks Jen,,,very useful and nice comment..

very funny @Monstrinho_17...ha ha ha :))

It depends on situation of everyone..... Believe me, sometimes divorce is the only way to make you happy....

Спасибо Мариана,..ты права,,

hello, I think marriage should be for a lifetime, supposedly when you get married with a person you will spend the rest of your life with that person. Marriage is a big step and many people don´t think a little bit about it, they only go ahead and if that marriage doesn´t work they have the option of divorce. I am not saying that you should have to stay with a person who is an asshole or who treats you bad. I am asking why do you marry with a person who is not good enough for being you lifetime partner ? Many people are living in a hurry, they don´t take the time for knowing a person before they decided to get married. I think that a person needs to be sure about that BIG step, if your couple are pressuring you to get marriage and you are not sure, don´t budge to that pressure take your time. It is better to stay single than to make a decision that in the near future you will regret. There is nothing wrong of being single I can´t understand why a person marries very soon, no matter if your family or friends or whoever are pressuring you for getting married, I think that you need to be sure in order to prevent a future divorce. If you choose a right partner, you wouldn´t have to experiment a divorce.  

I am totally agree with you Diego,,,!!!thanks....but when people are in love ,they begin thinking not by their brain ,,but with their heart,,,and unfortunately heart sometimes make a wrong decision..

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