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촬영! Photoshoot Photoshoot Photoshooot!

지난 일요일 촬영있었어요. 이 재미있으면서도 그냥 노무 힘들었어요. 호출 시간에 정말 일찍은 해돋이, 하지만 우리 아직 hair and makeup니까 놓첬어요. 촬영은 발코니에 기가운 호수잇었어요. 난 정말 이 촬영에서 향유했어요!



Please help me correct this, I know I have made many mistakes somewhere within this. And if you don't mind can you explain the corrections and conjugations/particles. Thanks in advance!



지난 일요일엔 촬영이 있었어요. 이 일은 너무 재미 있었나나 너무 힘들기도 했어요. Sorry, I can't understand this senstence. 촬영은 발코니에서 가까운 호수이었습니다. 저는 정말 이 촬영을 즐겼습니다. 난 is also right, but 저는 is better then 난. 저는 is more a polite word. 


I know, Korean is very difficult to learn. for me, English is very hard to learn, even though I have studied   for very long time. But don't give up. Some day, you can speak Korean fluently. I also want to speak English fluently. God bless you.

일출 시간에 해돋이를 보려 했지만 화장과 머리손질로 바빠서 놓쳤습니다.


I was prepared to watch the rising sun. I missed an opportunity caused by make up and hair.


( ^^ ) 



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