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What have to we do for improving English?



frist: you can listen to movies, try to listen to the movie twice one with the translation and one with out it to listen becarefully to the pronunciation.

second: read articles and blogs.

 third: go to website that help you like that one : english



Do things in the language that interest you. Such as a hobby that you would normally do in your native language.

What WE HAVE TO DO for improving english, first you can listen music in english, watch movies but subtitles in english, read a book or search pages where you can speak or improve your grammar hope this help 

to learn english is simply on its basics:

                            practice pronunciation by reading subtitles in a movie/ simply reading any kinds of english books.listen to the english discussion / or activity .read, read ,read any english source.

star using phrases or simple setences.practice certain english communication.

learn the grammatical points and forms for mastery and be conscious with your applicatyion of language rules form.combine your grammatical and functional activities....or to the least make a picture word association in reading to build effective comunication skills


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