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需要雅思,会话,商务英语帮助吗?Need IELTS, conversational, or business english help?


Hi Everybody! Planning to take the IELTS exam soon? I am an English teacher for italki, and have experience helping many people prepare for exams such as IELTS. I have helped people for sections such as the Speaking and Writing, and offer one on one asssitance as well as strategies for taking the exam. If you are interested in one on one lessons, please visit my teacher profile.

Do you have some English friends you'd like to talk to? Are you working for an English company? I also have extensive experience helping people improve their conversational and business English in many different contexts. I specialize in any field that a student would like to work on, whether it be speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronouncation, grammar, or vocabulary!

Please visit my teacher profile if you are interested in some individual tutorials! :)




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