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Adverb (Really)
I really don’t like her (strong dislike)
I don’t really like her (ordinary dislike)




Hi, not sure if you are asking if what you have written is correct, but the answer is yes.


Yes, the way you have used "really" in these sentences is correct. You have really done a good job :-)



You have a question about my favorite word.


The adverb "really" is really, really (= very) interesting. Really! ( = Believe me!)


Sometimes, it is very difficult to know what it is referring to.


Here are two examples similar to yours:


1. I really do not speak Chinese. = Believe me. I am telling you the real truth. I do not speak Chinese.


2. I do not really speak Chinese. = Yes, I can say 50 sentences in Chinese, and I can recognize 250 characters. But it would be a lie to say that I can actually speak Chinese.



I really liked your question.  (This time, "really" probably just emphasizes the verb "liked.")


Really, I liked your question; I liked your question, really! ( = Believe me!)


nice... thanks for sharing... ^^

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