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Panjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati... What about the difference?


Hello Hindustanis, 


I am a bit confused of this classification of Indian people into the regions where they are coming from. I have heard of Panjabi and Sindhi, but now another expression appeared:


the Gujarati. Can you tell about the people of this region? 


What about people from other regions of India? Can you mention and explain a few more?


Why is this classification important? Is it important for you?


When you travel around India, can you feel a big difference?



i will tell the difference you send you request you add me


Hey Valeria! India has a vast cultural differences. All the states has its own rich culture and the differnce between culture is huge. They have their own regional language; for example Punjabi is regional language of Punjab and in the same way every state has its own local/regional language.


Classification is important because those regional languages are very different from each other. Even it is difficult to understand the language of the neighbour state; For example, It is almost impossible for a person from Rajasthan to understand Gujarati language.  Of course if you travel across different Indian states you will surely feel the difference, in terms of the people, the culture, the food etc. Though India is divided in 28 states but people are united by one culture, that is Indian culture! :)

You can come to India in any month. Each states have their own languages and cultures still they are united. I will tell some regions people MARATHI, BENGALI, BIHARI, TAMILIAN, TELUGU, RAJASTHANI, ASSAMESE, MANIPURI, ORIYA, MALYALAM, KANNAD, GOAN, KASHMIRI AND MANY MORE

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