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Leave your shoes


Is it common in your country to leave your shoes when entering someone's house? Here in Indonesia, we remove our footwear and walk barefoot inside the house.




No,here in Uruguay we don´t  do this.Only people only  who have lived abroad,or foreigners living here.

In my opinion,itkeeps your house cleaner.But anyway, how do you do with pets?


Most indonesians take their shoes of as they feel more comfy to step on the cool floor due to the tropical climate. This is how we relax, sometimes we sit on mats or the floor, enjoying our time, chatting with friends, family, watching Tv, and even sleeping on the floor. I have two cats as my pet, and they don't make a big mess, even they poop in my yard and bury it with sands. I mop the floor twice a day, thats why my floor is always clean and I enjoy stepping on it.


Thank you Sri Lestari for your explanation.It´s very interesting to know how people live in different countries.


and Thanks for your comment Sona :) I really appreciate that :)


Thank you for your question, and my greetings to you and  your pets!


In Russia we always take our shoes off when we enter a house. That's because there's snow in winter, durt in spring and autumn and dust in summer outside. When I watch American movies and see that they don't take their shoes off and even lie on the bed with their shoes on, I can't understand how and why? There must be so much dust in the house, but it seems clear. I don't get it.


Thank you Irina, I thought Russians also wear shoes when entering houses due to the cold climates, but you gave me clear explanation :). one question by the way do you use slipper inside the house or just have bare feet like me? Because I heard in Japan, people also remove their shoes, but put on slipper just after they enter the house until they leave.  I don't know much about Americans, maybe they have some reasons why they don't put off their shoes.

In my experience, some Americans do this (my experience pretty much includes only some familes from European cultures). It's not really that common though. We use doormats the clean our shoes before entering a house. Of course, in winter, we usally take off boots because they have snow and ice. Also, here in the US, many places are paved and we walk on concrete and asphalt and tile all day.  

In Viet Nam, maybe due to hot climate or the way to show respect with host, almost people always take our shoes off when we enter a house. except a few special case such as the house is being dirty or repair.


@Alex Thanks for your comment. I see, haha I live in the suburb, and I am not always walking on the paved road. Thats why my shoes always get dirty. but here in my country, a no-shoes rule prevails to most indonesians including those who live in the city ( where the roads are paved). probably, it's just part of our culture. Here, to wear shoes when entering someone's house can be considered  impolite. Anyway, Since Americans allow the guests to put on their shoes inside the house, it seems to me that they are probably more diligent in cleaning the house.


@Nhox Kun Here is absolutely the same

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