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If i learn Chinese can i understand Taiwanese when i go there?

I started learning Chinese and then stopped and asked myself if it will even help me if i learn? If i learn how to talk Chinese, And go to Taiwan will i be able to understand them and them me? Or is the difference between the two languages too big ?? Please! i need answers! If it is a big difference, Is there anyone who is willing to help me learn Taiwanese?? Or Not help me literally but can anyone at least give me a good link to someone from youtube that teaches Taiwanese well? I really want to learn Taiwanese, I need serious help!!! D: Thank you in advanced.



People in the Mainland China speak Putonghua while people in Taiwan speak Mandarin. Basically these two are the same spoken language with different names due to political reasons. However for the written characters, simplified Chinese is adopted in the Mainland wheras the traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan. Take a look at the language option of this website and you can see there are two sets of Chinese for you to choose.

actually if u can spoken Chinese, tai wan people can uderstand what are u talking about. don't worry, because tai wan and china use same language. and tai wan is a beatiful place and more helpful guys , i love there. enjoy ur journey.

yes..taiwanese can definitely understand what you say if you use Standard mandarin(Putonghua) from mainland...the relationship between Mainland standard Mandarin and Taiwan standard mandarin(I don't know the dialectal situations in taiwan) is much closer than the relationship betw American English and British English

在台灣. 最常使用的語言文字是中文. 我這樣寫. 你看得懂嗎?

Thank you all so very much!! You have helped me so much! V,.V

Be aware there is a dialect called Taiwanese, which is similar to Fujian dialect. That one you might have trouble with.

Taiwanese generally speak Chinese Mandarin,Some people say that China Mandarin will merge Taiwan dialect:)


As long as you are using Mandarin Chinese, then yes in Taiwan they can understand you, but keep in mind that in some areas of Taiwan, people may not understand or speak Mandarin, due to the fact that other dialects/languages co-exist in Taiwan.  The same rule exists in Malaysia and Singapore

Mandarin comes with two writing systems, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. What you've been learning is Simplified Chinese, which is the official language in Mainland China. In Taiwan, people use Traditional Chinese. It is not the same as its local dialect called Taiwanese. Almost everyone in Taiwan is fluent in Mandarin, but not everyone is fluent in Taiwanese. Not knowing Taiwanese should not post as a problem in communication. Simplified and Traditional Chinese mainly differ in some characters used. Some words and expressions mainlanders use are not commonly used in Taiwan. How big is the difference? It is hard to quantify. You may think of them as British English and American English. But it is my observation that people from mainland and Taiwan don't find communication with each other a problem. I was born and raised in Taiwan and my Taiwanese leaves a lot to be desired, but if there is any question about Traditional Mandarin please let me know. Taiwanese people are in general well educated, polite, and willing to help others. I am sure you will find plenty of them on this site to help you learn everything that is to be learned in Traditional Chinese and Taiwanese. Good luck!

Thank you each and everyone! 

You've truely helped me! I am so greatful for that.

Thank you again. [:


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