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hi can you answer !!!!!!

what is the best book in your opinion



you can say el Quraan   and some time i read some terrifing book and some romansic book

i think - "Master and Margarita"- Bulgakov

My favourite book is "War and Peace" by Tolstoy

 the book is that one, which will never stay under dust layer

it is QURAN! No doubt! 

unwritten and unread ;)

I like ''Anna Karenina". Amazing women!

Is that a topic about  a size of own consumer's taste in literature?
In such case would you, guys, shu'r'up: I do love Homer... in his original version.
So, now you can close your mouth and arise from your butts- I'm quite satisffied...

Loneliness on the Net by Janusz Leon Wiśniewski

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