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What does happiness mean for you?

Please answer about your own meaning of this word.




if you can‘t understand,follow:

happynes is one feeling,

if you think you are happyness,and you are happyness

Happiness is when you can do the things that you love.

@Kath, yes, there is a saying: "Do things you are in love is to be a happy". And I abolutely agree with it.

@左师文,  I didn't ask I don't know what is the happiness, but I would like to know what does it mean for you?


Live with freedom and can do myself.

To tell the truth... Maybe, it means to have time for everything:)

Happiness is where you can poop comfortably.

Happiness is the blue pieceful sky; happiness is in the baby's smile and happiness is health of our parents... As for me sometimes happiness is to read your favorite book with a cup of hot chocolate:)

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