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My idol is Emnem

My idol is Emnem,I want to learn English, I want to sing the song of Emnem,I hope my friends to teach me English, thank you. 我的偶像是艾米纳姆,我想学英语,我想唱艾米纳姆的歌,希望朋友们教我英语,谢谢。



He is Eminem as far as I know. Your idol will be angry on you )


Because gods are very sensitive

Don't know what you mean.


What Vitaliy means is that you spell your idol's name wrong. His name is not Emnem but Eminem! You should know this if he's really your idol... ;)

Feel shy, worried a typo

don't worry


Who cares?? Everybody does mistakes, especially while learning new languages. You only learn by doing mistakes and nobody is born perfect! I wish you all the best and good luck =)


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