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How to learn effectively?

Sometimes, learning things in a hard way is more effective. Do you agree?



Learning grammar is easier for me than retaining vocabulary.  I have to make a connection with the word in order to retain the word. I could never remember the word for "helicopter" until I found its root and discovered it was a transliteration of the last name of a former supervisor of mine.  Now I have a mental picture of that man in front of a fan and a helicopter.  I can now remember the words for perhaps four items with that one image.

That is hard to define your "hard" indeed . As far as I am concerned , I do not  think it is wise to use hard way to learn English . Too extreme method to learn English is not efficient more often than not . You might have wonderful memorization in vocabulary , however , vocabulary is just a little key point in the long process of learning English . To learn a language needs your precious time even you are a inborn language genius . It is inevitable to take several months to make prominent progress . However, diligence with intensive training can bring comparable breakthrough in learning some other know-hows . 

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