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How to learn effectively?

Sometimes, learning things in a hard way is more effective. Do you agree?







  It all depends on what you refer to as "the hard way".


 For example,  one form of a hard way might involve the attempt to memorize many grammar rules and

long lists of vocabulary  and reading through   Fictional books with strange expressions and difficult vocabulary.


 Those would be hard, and I would never recommend that.


        I recommend a two-fold method.


(A)  Teaching yourself a little bit. For example, learning the lyrics and vocabulary to a   song

(English is what I teach).  I know of a student in Taiwan who taught herself entirely to speak and read English by watching  Videos of English songs  starting as a Teenager.   I was able to improve upon that

"rough" understanding of English.


(B) Find a good teacher, who has specific lesson plans and knows how to guide  you through some recommended readings of brief texts.  I have examples of such texts in my Notebook Entries, if you would like to see some.



     It can help to talk   on Skype etc,   with   several   Chat Partners from  the country  whose language you wish to learn.   Some people can turn out to be good "teachers"  even without a formal education in the subject.    Intelligent people can be gifted that way.



Learning grammar is easier for me than retaining vocabulary.  I have to make a connection with the word in order to retain the word. I could never remember the word for "helicopter" until I found its root and discovered it was a transliteration of the last name of a former supervisor of mine.  Now I have a mental picture of that man in front of a fan and a helicopter.  I can now remember the words for perhaps four items with that one image.

That is hard to define your "hard" indeed . As far as I am concerned , I do not  think it is wise to use hard way to learn English . Too extreme method to learn English is not efficient more often than not . You might have wonderful memorization in vocabulary , however , vocabulary is just a little key point in the long process of learning English . To learn a language needs your precious time even you are a inborn language genius . It is inevitable to take several months to make prominent progress . However, diligence with intensive training can bring comparable breakthrough in learning some other know-hows . 

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