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Is the internet connection in your country fast and reliable?

Internet companies here in the Philippines cheat their customers in many ways. I'm paying for a 1.5 Mbps connection but I'm only getting 1.2 Mbps :-( Yeah, I know it sucks. Anyway, do you have this kind of problem in your country?





My home connection is over 50 Mbps.

ISP (internet service provider) companies always announce that the speed of data transmission will be depreciated by different ratio from 10-30 % in Taiwan . I think the rule can be applied to other countries as there are too many factors can determine the rate of transmission speed . ISP companies  do not cheat us , they just tell us the truth how they can do in current technological support . Our price of internet speed is not so reasonable though. My speed of internet is 40 M download and 10 M upload . It is not so fast as other developed countries and its price is not so low as most people want, However, I can hardly exploit to its maximum capacity.  Too slow speed is so inconvenient to accommodate some huge amount of data transmission .


charter cable up to 50 mbs and 3-5 on uploads

15 to 50 Mbps?! WOW! My connection speed is not even a quarter of what you guys are getting :-( The fastest I can get here is 5 Mbps... LOL! Anyway, thank you for your comments (^^)

yeah, i have the same sentiments as you.. im really hoping that philippines will welcome other internet provider companies instead of having few unreliable ISPissss!!!!  so we can really have choices unlike right now, gosh! really frustrating like two major ISP's a capitalist monopolizing this biz .

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