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What would you if you have the same experience?

Today,I went alone to the Sanlitun which is a bustling place in beijing,and I had lunch in KFC,suddenly,a picture came to my eyes when I was looking outdoor.a mum and a son was sitting on the ground,and many passers-by look at them,in the begining,I don't know what happened,because they were back to me.Then I found the child was bitting his mother's shoes,and  I know what happened to them,Then I should do something to them,but I hesitated,almost all passers-by didn't give money to their pot.At least,I went out and just given 10yuan to their pot,the irony is that 10yuan is the biggest denomination in the pot.I was thinking whether I have to buy lunch to them,however,I quited the idea,because I'm afraid.

I have been thinking about their situation when went back to school,how can they deal with them food?where do they live?I want to help them,but I don't know what to do.

there have many biggers in the place you living?

What would you do if you have the same experience?

there have some special instituion to serve for them?



You never know how many penniless people there are all over the world and you never have sufficient capacity to save every suffered person . I appreciate your courage though .I bluntly consider each government must take these poor people in the society into serious consideration if they are conscious   . They had better draw more of concentration on how to promote life quality for all people instead of arduous working in economic figures  . Economic figure is designed for the richer men and convenient to furbish the real ugly truth  . I believe some of government officials may be versed in window dressing smuggly how brilliant their economy is . The gap between the poorest and the richest must be enlarging year by year under current economic model in China . I really hope China would not follow the step of Taiwan economy . Our middle class is decreasing and vanishing day by day under taiwan current economic development.

I think every government have aware the problem that the gap between wealthy and poor,but I dnow why its so difficult for them to take effective action to solve those problem,maybe because I know little about economy and politics,and the corruption in china is extremely serious now.

Everything related to politics would become complicated.

Sometimes they don't need money, and just keep a child there so you will feel sorry for them. There are homeless shelters in the US, but many homeless people here have mental problems. They cannot hold a job, and they can't live in society. So they must live on the streets.

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