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About learning foreign languages....

What is the most difficult thing for you in learning foreign languages? Speaking, writing, reading or maybe evething else? Write me, please, your opinion and share with me your experience in this question!



Hi, Natalia! I always thought that grammar is the most difficult thing for me but it was mistake. My grammar didn't become perfect since that time. I just start talking and understand - really difficult thing for me - START talking. I'm scare to death then I start talking. For this reason I'm here :) 

Vocabulary.  I ended up learning grammar in most of the languages I have studied because I couldn't learn words quickly enough for the hours I spent studying.

Russia that is hardest part for me


For me,the most difficult part is to write,and the  second to talk,even though we used to speak Russian at home.

As for me, it's increase vocabulary) I don't like to learn new words

hi Natalia, I think speaking is the hardest thing, because my pronunciation as well as native speaker ...

Hello, I think that the majority of obstacles are psychological, For example many people are afraid of speaking with a foreigner out of fear of making mistakes, and this is a reason that many people prefer writing than speaking and they think a lot before writing a sentence, Many people are inconsistent  and they don´t practice their target language in a daily basis. Many are impatient and when they feel that they don´t improve they get angry and some quit of learning that language. So I think that the most important and most difficult thing is to have a right mindset for learning languages. I think that learning languages is like a playing a sport so you need to have a mindset similar to a sportsman, because you need to practice a lot no matter if you stumble, no matter if you are embarrassed, no matter if you make a lot of mistakes. I encourage you to go away of your comfort zone it is very difficult, but I think it is the best. Like a kid who is learning his mother tongue, he made many mistakes all the time but he is not afraid because he is learning everyday from his own mistakes. he is hungered and he is looking for adults to speak with them. It takes time but eventually this child will be a good speaker without pain and enjoying so much his path of learning.      

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