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Do you read real books :) or use your e-reader / tablet / smartphone ?


I use phone and tablet. Don't even remember when I have read a paper book last time :)




I am a bibliophile.  I adore books, the feel, the smell, turning the pages.  I just recently moved and had 30 boxes of books.  My friends said to get rid of them or go digital.  I cannot do that.  I will never throw out books.  I would rather throw out clothes than books. 


Stephani, you have time to change yourself  :) I think, publishers will publish paper books at least next five years :) Then they will stop.

I read book, but sometimes from computer.

I usually read real book, because I think tablet or phone is bad for my eyes, 嘿嘿



often i read real books, and i use tablet too.

Real books.  The smell, the feel.  I especially like old used books, to wonder what previous readers thought of these books, and how they felt.  It's like 2 stories in 1.  Plus as somebody else mentioned the readers hurt my eyes.  Plus they are as warm and welcoming as a hospital room.

I prefer to read a real paper book, because I like flipping through the old yellow pages, feel the smell of book and study, because for me e-book is just a box of information and a paper book is the source of knowledge... 

I love reading hard copy books, or so I thought.  I use my iPhone to read articles, email, etc.  I finally realized that I relied on the technology of my iPhone when I tipped my book sideways and the print orientation failed to change. 

I usually use kındle.I especıally lıke old books nowadays World changed.On the other hand kındle is a small library and kındle ısn't bad for eyes.I thınk you wıll use kındle ,reader.

I read both but I prefer reading books than reading in smartphone, computers etc.. I still want to touch the pages of the book and turn it to another page.

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