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Why English?

Actually my teacher in elementary school has given the answer, which at that time was quite reasonable. But now, suddenly i'm getting curious again. so i decide to ask all of you here. Why and when English became a world lingua franca ousted Latin and any other possible languages? was it because of UK's number of colonies and influences around the world in late Victorian era (this was my teacher's explanation)? or it was USA's role started from 20th century? or maybe you have any other possible answers. Many thanks=)



It depend on world policy, economy. It is likely that Chanise will be like lingua franca

in first time sorry for my bad english... The english is a big "problem" por spanish teacher because if a spanish teacher want to work in a private school, they need a good english.


English became the defacto lingu franca of the world primarily as a remnant of the British colonial Empire. However, French was also widely spoken at this time and it was possible that it was a competing 'lingu franca' in some repects also. The reason English is still so popular is that the U.S became the dominant world power just as British influence began to wane - thus in the 20th and 21st centruy English continued on as the 'dominant' language.' Whether or not Spanish of Mandarin will over take English as the defacto world language is pretty speculative - no one can predict the future. 

so, the british paved the way, and the us has taken the role.. and someday, maybe the chinese could take the role as well...



That is a possibility but it really would be a process of many decades. China would first have to establish itself as not only a world leader in terms of power, but also in terms of culture.  

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