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What are your best (and worst) travel memories?

Pretty self-explanatory.

Mine are diving the great blue hole in Belize, staying in this tiny coastal village in Mexico (Punta Allen) and getting a fisherman to take us dolphin watching at sunrise, getting to see elephants/lions/leopards up close at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Worst: definitely my hang-gliding accident and everything that followed it. 

Feel free to share yours.



you're a fucking idiot.


Mine has to be sailing under sydney harbour bridge and past the opera house when i worked on a cruise ship. 2nd best one is snorkelling on the great barrier reef.... MIND BLOWING.




The best one was hiking the Harding Icefield Trail in Alaska.  Very strenuous but very rewarding.


The worst was going to San Antonio and having to spend the whole time in the hotel room because of a bad foot.

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