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What if certain sports were to be banned, how would you react?

(Major sports such as soccer, football, baseball, boxing, and hockey)




It would all depend on the reasoning for banning it .


I will just be shocked but if computer games will banned I will have a violent reaction. lol

Dont really know, would be sad and angry, hate when u call it soccer its football :D

@Azra- In the United states we call it football and soccer as two different sports. I'm not really into sports...majority of people get hyped up about it. I do think violent sports should be banned because of fatal injuries (broken legs, brain damage, and beyond that). It would be funny if those sports were to be banned to troll sport fans lmao.

I know how u call it in America ive been living in St.Louis for 15 years :P football they play it with foot :)

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