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Have you ever tried learning a foreign language by yourself? Have you succeeded? Have you made much progress?

What experiences do you have?

P.S. I'm striving to learn French, but I feel lazy and can't make myself. :D




forget it lazyness and language acquisition don't work; just go lay down and watch tv or something to soften you brain some more.


if you are not lazy, you are never alone in language learning, the target language becomes your best friend and with it; you can learn about and explore the world that is hidden behind the lauguage.


but i see you already have a few under your belt... good job...

yes, I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese, and have done so without any professional schooling.  So far, I have done alright, and when I am speaking to a native chinese speaker, I can understand some of what they say, the general idea, and they can also understand me.


I am pretty fluent in Spanish, but learned this language growing up, in addition to my native English.  I also know some Japanese, Samoan and Tagalog.  I think when learning a language, each person has their best and most effective way for learning it.  For me, learning Chinese has involved the following things: using online sites; watching many chinese movies, listening to chinese music and probably most of all, practicing with friends.  I think the last point is most important, and as I have learned, most people around the world learn some basic english in school, but because they do not have, or choose not to interact with native speakers, they never build up the confidence to become proficient in the language.


The key is: don't be afraid to make a mistake.  That is the only way you will learn.


Yes, of course.  You just need to keep yourself motivated and you will go far. There's so many resources on the internet, that you could literally do all your language learning online if you wanted to.


Yes, i started learning Portuguese with a teacher, and many pupils,but some time later I realized that I was learning much more by myself,with books,a good grammar book, TV,listenig to songs, watching movies...


As for me, in the past I tried learning various languages just by taking the regular courses, in school or university with a professional teacher.  It just went to nothing.  I never had a conversation with anyone in those languages, and all the many hours of study were just wasted, I forgot most of it. It was very boring, just learning grammar rules and regulations and trying in class to practice baby sentences with someone else who also did not know what they were saying.  

Now I am studying Hebrew with a totally different viewpoint, my goal is not professional education, but rather a daily exposure and using of the language in real life.  I am learning in leaps and bounds, very fast, and it is so much fun and exciting.  I am totally taken up by my study.  I immerse myself in a Hebrew environment daily.  What a difference!!  It is lovely this way.  I have taken some courses with a one on one teacher to get me started, but now I am pretty much self-taught.  I am looking for some good Skype matches to work more on the conversational skills, and that will be sweet.

This is the first time I try to learn a new language all by myself. The hardest part is I don't know where to begin and I'm confused because no  one tells me what to do. But I'm trying my best to figure it out.

If you can't make yourself, than maybe you shouldn't do it. Learning a language doesn't happen overnight. Your brain is more than capable of learning a language, so your motivation and passion is what's going to carry you most of the way.


If you really want to learn French, write down the reasons why you want to learn it. Get yourself pumped, and excited that you're going to be learning a new language that's going to open up a whole new worl of oppurtunites for you! And if you're still having trouble there, make short-term goals. Quiz yourself. Find someone to practice with.


Happy learning~

I realize after trying to study French and Korean on my own that I'm not disciplined enough on my own to study the language by myself.  Thank God for Italki....that way I can and have taken lessons from actual teachers which I feel is far more helpful for me. I think if you recognize the fact that you might not be a good self learner, then you can take actual lessons from someone.  I have all the French books and have been studying French off and on for YEARS and still can barely introduce myself so now I'm about to do a lesson with a teacher. 


Keep at it matter what route you choose to learn. Keep going!

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