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Choices we make

This is for all the people, either finishing school, starting their careers or somewhere in their career, that have wondered about choices we make, and the consequences, both good and bad.  We often use the work "Karma" when describing consequences of these choices, and we all use the chinese term "Yuan Fen"= fate/destiny.


I believe life is a mixture of both.  We obviously influence our life, and the things that matter most in our life: family, health and others, through the choices we make.  We cannot choose the family we are born into, but we can choose how to value them.  We cannot choose certain things about our health, but we can certainly influence it through good nutrition, physical exercise etc.  We cannot choose whether or not we are born into wealth, but we can choose to be happy, despite money or material things.


I work with many people, from all over the world, trying to help them understand choices they make, and how to succeed, not purely from a materialistic standpoint, but from a "total package".  If we think about the 4 pillars our success stems from: Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional, and we choose to "invest" into these four areas, we are building the foundation from which success comes from.


Just something to think about



i like your point ,we cant choose family  born into ,,but we can choose to value them ,good lines 

i like your point ,we cant choose family  born into ,,but we can choose to value them ,good lines 

Karen and Nada,


thank you for your comments.  Yes, both of you are very right.  We have an international group, comprised of people from mulitple countries, including Morocco, China, Japan, Korea and many others.  The common demoninator with this group, is that they are all inspired to make a difference around them.  We use english as the basic method of communicating, but the ideas/topics we communicate on, deal with things that will influence the rest of our life.  Wish both of you success in your goals.

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