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What Will Happen if Computers and Network disappear

How will we work, how will we take the plane, what will we do at home on free time if the computer and net work don't exist? I can't imagine.



That is definitely a disater i can perceive in a engineer's opinion . Airplane would be deferred to sluggish , people couldn't take MRT on time  and government hardly run normally . However , back to the old times  , without click and mouse , natural and original life is not so bad as far as I am concerned . People will find them out even without those advanced technology .


The worst thing I might face might be the end of the world .The civilization can be perished in an incident like comet striking earth. it is doomed to a enormous disaster . The day that huge aerolite is coming would force us to back to primitive age or even vanish all civilization  .Have you ever seen a action movie by American Arnauld :" Terminator" . And I think that is worse than the fate of dinosaurs .


given enough time they will disapear and be replaced with new technology

Дарова. Зачем тебе русский? 

Где с тобой можно пообщаться?

Considering it's impossible I live forever, I don't care of the end of the world. I care more about my healthy and want to live longer. I hope I would find out why I am living.

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