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Study Boredom


How to not getting bored while studying? 



Have a stretching break :)



does it work? I will give it a try.


I often play computer game these days when I get bored of my study.  I was becoming fully engrossed with that game that I ended up forgetting my tasks. my bad.

You'd better take a nap instead of playing games to give your mind a break and get refreshed again.

well,let me share you my studying habit, I start with siting on my chair behid my desk, 10-15 mins later I get bored so I take a pillow and lying on carpet countinue my studying, in that way I can take a nap while I am studying. actually in this way you won't be able to get if you were studying or dreaming while u were napping :P

Thumb up Elina!


Thank you Elina and Arwa for the suggestions

hahahha,Arwa ,thank you ;) :P :D

Try going outside somewhere to study. It's easy to get bored sitting around the house. I like to go to a nearby park and sit by the lake, or sit at a restaurant with outdoor tables and sip tea. My favorite place is the conservatory in my city. It has benches next to a waterfall. I always get a lot of reading done there.

One more thumb up to the romantic guy here:)))

Coffee! Or take frequent breaks. 

I always listen to music so I don't get bored but it won't work if you get distracted by music haha^^

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