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which websides do native english speakers watch movies or tvs on internet that are served in china

I am now in china and i want to watch some english movies with english subtitle. But some english websites are not served in china, so i would like to ask you do me a favor.



There are lots of them. Here's a good one which I know people in China have used. 1) Select what show you want from the list (ex. Dexter). 2) Select the season (ex. season 1). 3) You'll see a page of links to episodes of that season. For example, if you clicked 'Dexter' then 'season 1', everything under "1. Dexter" is the first episode, everything under "2. Crocodile" is the second episode etc. If you followed those steps, you'd see this page: "". 4) You'll see that there are multiple links for each episode. This is why the website works so well. Each link leads to a version of the same video hosted by a different website. If you want to watch "1. Dexter", you might find eight of the links are blocked in China, but five of them aren't. You only need one of them to work to watch the episode. You just need to figure out which link to use by trial and error. It works the same for all other shows. Note that if an ad pops up at the start of the video, clicking the 'x' in the corner of the ad will not close it. Instead, look for something that says "hide ad and play video" or "continue as a free user" at the bottom of the ad.

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