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Do you still remember your childhood games or toys?

Do you still remember your childhood games or toys? I am interested in the difference of childhood memory between people around the world.

When I was a kid, I was fond of skipping rubber band and playing cards and marbles. What about you??



What is skipping rubber bands ?

@yuzarsif: skipping rubber band is a game typically popular during the last century in eastern China, lol, the rubber band is usually long and is tied on the feet of 2 players, bothing standing on the opposite sides, and the other team members start to skip while singing some old folklores and making several patterns of the rubber band. haha yeah sounds a little bit bizzare :D

@Jetro Vieira: Lego!! I had a set of Lego when I was 8, it was introduced into my country a little bit later =D

when I'm kid, I have toys : guns , car , Nintendo and Sega

Let's see... back then, television was like my life. I loved action figures and my Gameboy XP


My childhood was around 1998 when indonesia had financial crisis. Family was short of money, but we as the children didn't want to lose our joy. I still vividly remember that my friends and I didn't have any store-bought toys, so we made our own toys, like Engrang; a traditional toy consisting of two stick of bamboos which have two to three feet height. By a distance of about 30-50 centimeters (can be higher depends on the player's courage), the bamboos are then perforated and filled by another piece of bamboo which is 20-30 cm in length to be used as foothold. 


here's the picture of Engrang



Yes. I liked to play army games. There were no survivors...

I had two BIG army men, and I made all the small ones fight the "big ones" :-)


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