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Do you like naruto ?

  I want to know some naruto fans , then we study Japanese or more languages together



Yes, I used to watch it but now i only read the manga.


Of course I watch/read Naruto. It's my favorite. :D

I did watch some of the first few series of Naruto but I don't watch it now. However, if you are a Naruto fan, then I think these will make you (and other Naruto fans) really really happy!!!=>



So what are your favorite characters or trick? I like Rock Lee~~~

By the way, do you understand  one thousands year death ?

I like Rock Lee a lot but I'm also a big fan of Kakuzu and Sasori. :D

Five heart,Kakuzu  is very good (I like Pein better in  Akatsuki) 

I always remember Sasori and sakura's war 。

But they all died ,what a pity!

My favourite Character still is Itachi :)


I'm the same with ouyang. Itachi is and will always be my fav ;)

I like naruto... My favorite character is Sasuke. I watched videos before but now I am just reading mangga because the videos are awesome but I don't like some filler they add into it. There are some good filler but not all of them and the exciting feeling will be gone because of those filler video. I love the naruto movies too.

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