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K-POP boys groups

Annyeonghaseyo !! Who likes kpop ? what groups do you know?



I like SHINee, B2st, BigBang and B.A.P 

Those are my top boybands ^_^

Shinee, Exo and B.AP are my top favourites but I like a lot of bands

I like all korean bands but my favorit is SPEED ^^

I know many boy bands but my favorite is Super Junior and others U-KISS, Shinhwa, B.A.P, SS501 and I like some songs of BIGBANG, SHINee, TVXQ, B2ST and EXO ( I'm not really into these last groups' style so I like some songs )

Totally fan girl!! ^^ ultimate bias DBSK then my top 3 Big Bang beast and b.a.p starting to like exo but not really into them

Thank you for answer girls ^^ i reallly a kpop fan i know almost 40 male groups but my favourite one are SHINee, super junior, BIG BANG, infinite, Ukiss, TVXQ, EXO and B.A.P. if you want to talk more about kpop you can tell me :) 

I love TVXQ + JYJ. And recently, I've got into VIXX. They are so talented and unique. 

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