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How are you studying your current language of choice?

Hello everyone!


How are you all studying your current language? At the moment with Italian, I'm just picking up a self-study book every few days and picking out the little bits that form the foundations of the language, namely pronouns, verb forms and morphology etc. as I find it easier to pad out the body if I've got the skeleton there, so to speak. It's taking a bit of time as I don't have much to dedicate to it!! I can't help but feel like I could utilise my time more effectively, so I was hoping you'd all share your tips with me or maybe offer me some advice - Italian-specific advice would be appreciated, but general advice is very welcome too.


My apologies if my text has some odd words in it, my phone seems to be changing some words to gibberish after I write them and I have no idea why...





I have tried  a bunch of expensive applications, and some medium priced things.  BUt I have had teh best luck with the free sites: and  Anki works well aslo, but I think Memrise is more fun.  Also for watching/listneing to videos, I think Yabla is worth the money at least at first when you are a real beginner.  Until you can watch without subtitiles.

My friend read about someone who learnt Japanese through anime.  He found transcriptions of a show, and studied the most common words that appeared by putting them in sentences, finding how they're used etc.  It helped because it was a medium in which he was interested, and his conversations were more natural.  Apparently when he went to Japan, people were impressed that he wasn't speaking in a stilted formal way - they thought he sounded more native as a result.  I find that pretty inspiring.  I've bought a couple of DVDs in Dutch (my target language) to do something similar - transcribe it then study what's most common, also by finding news reports on YouTube about something I find interesting then breaking down what they say to work out how sentences are formed.  Watching movies I already know really well in English helps when I watch them with subtitles or dubbed, because I already understand the context so I'm not completely lost when it comes to dialogue :)

I am trying to listen to 1 audio everyday, and study new words from reading and listening, chatting is good way but I need improve some skills more than speech

Thank you all!

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