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What do you think about Brazil?

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First I saw Brazil and the Brazilians in soap operas and I found them very beautiful.
The most amazing thing I saw was Carnival. But  when I found out how much time and effort is required to prepare for it, I began to respect this nation. Their enthusiasm is great!

I think that the Brazil is: TUDO DE BOM!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it is just FASCINATING!
Let me cite some of the most exotic words in the world and more than 80 % would easily fall in the category : Brazilian :)
Samba, Carnaval, Football, Falls, Amazon, Pele, Pagode, Ronaldinho, 2016 Games, Paolo Coelho, Lambada, Exotic Cuisine, Yellow and blue Colors, Christ the Redeemer, Beach Football, Cecilia ( my sweetest Brazilian girl :)) and the list goes on and on..
I have the chance to have friends from Brazil and they are just so sweet and awesome!
I love Brazil!
Greetings from Tunisia!

poxa eu fico chateado quando se fala do Brasil e nunca lembram do Sul... =/

e quando raramente falam do Sul, nunca falam de Santa Catarina... ¬¬

eu amo ser brasileiro!!!! =) ainda mais quando falo com algum estrangeiro hehehee porque daí eu fico me gabando, sabe? 


i think it's a beautiful country, and full of passion .

The best and my fav country (including Argentina) 
?que tiempo hace ?

i  just  know  the  football,  it is  very   strong !
please tell me a lot my email

Brazil is a beautiful country, and when I could, I'd gone there to live.

Brasil é um do país o mais grande em Ámérica do Sul e tem um do melhor alimento.
   e a língua é bonita demasiado.

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