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What does "white blanket" mean?


I was watching Regular show, there was a scene where 2 characters were watching a funny show, then the third character came up to them and said the show wasn't funny. "You are white blanket, man", they replied. I understand that that means something like "a bore", but I can't find it on the internet and in the dictionaries. Do you use "white blanket" phrase?



You probably mean "a wet blanket", which means someone who says something that spoils people's enjoyment, or as you said, something boring or depressing.


Oh yes, it's "wet blanket", now I could hear it! Thank you!

You're welcome!:)


Yes, Susie is absolutely right. 
A "wet blanket" means someone who isn't any fun.

Also: "wet lettuce", "a beige person", "a stick in the mud", "party-pooper", "a bore", "a misery-guts".


Okay, I thought 'wet blanket' meant something completely different. Maybe it is a second meaning of it? I thought it meant a hand job, like in sexual. The wet comes from the sperm. Give me a wet blanket, means give me a hand job. Or am I just mixing with the wrong people?

By the way @Craig, why did you react on this post? If you look at the original date the question/discussion is about half a year old. (Aug 11, 2013) Most probably the original poster is not interested in the answer to the question anymore. Is there something wrong with italki that sometimes totally ancient old topics get high up in the list?

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