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Who would like to learn Arabic ?



انا طبعا... هل عندك برنامج ملموس

أو هي مجرد المسح

Im a native English speaker n I'm trying to improve my Arabic so can anyone add me because I don't know how to add ppl yet, this site is different now

I am a Chinese Muslim , but I know almost nothing about Arabic , but I want to learn it

انا لست معلم لكي املك برنامج ملموس, انا مجرد طالب جامعي احب ان اساعد الاخرين
اذا كنت ترغب في تعلم العربية , فقط اخبرني! 

Nada im ready for helping :))

i already added u :)

jerryCHN @ you are welcome :) do it !!

i would like to learn Arabic , but i have no idea :(

I would like to learn shami arabic


@Luiza Schwambach 
im ready! don't hesitate to keep in touch ..

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