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what do u think?

hi everyone

i want your opinion 


is love blind? :D




I don't think so. But I do think it works like a spell. One starts distorting reality and idealizing the other person. So, I'd say it's rather one-eyed. hehe

one-eyed hehehhe noway :D

i think it's blind hahah


I think your opinion is true
but when i said love is blind
i mean the love between girl and boy >>> hehehe u know
not the love between friend or families

Ironically, people LOOK for love then they become blind when they find it. By the way, I have an extra eye in the middle of my head :P

hahahah oh my god

is the middle eye help u to find the real love?


At least, it'll help me to see my way :)


Yes, love is kind, blind and means slowly losing your mind.


As we say in Uruguay:  Yes,love is blind,deaf, dumb and  paralytic....

Love is undoubtedly blind for most lovely women , however, you will wake up somehow and some time. love can render you euphoria at the beginning of falling in love . You would be pleased by such a wonderful feeling . Months later, you would become paralyzed and vertigo as you have settled down yourself in this game of love. You have get used to the perception of love and loved . After that , if you cannot find any promising soul in the game of love, you would not hope to be hitched  as too many handful things could bother you . Try to tolerate trace flaws during your love story proceeding as Katya mentioned . To learn more mature is essential to a beautiful love story you can achieve .

My love is not blind. I don't have the tendencies to idolise my significant other, but I rather accept him as a whole person with flaws, and virtues. :)

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