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Help me with this words, please

I read a song lyric, but I don't understand the meaning of the first line. Here is the lyric

네모난 하늘을 보다가

조그만 어깰 안아봐

차갑고 무서운 세상

차라리 숨어버릴까


What is the meaning of 네모난 하늘 ? I try to find the translation, but I don't really sure..




The phrase "네모난 하늘" literally means "a rectangular sky", though. This phrase often figuratively means "a scene of sky being seen through a window"  .


네모나다 means "to have a rectangle shape" or "to be rectangular"

네모나-ㄴ 하늘

네모, a square or rectangle


세모나다, adj, to have a triangle shape or to be triangular


세모, a triangle


동글다 or 둥글다, to have a circle or a ball(sphere) shape

동그-ㄴ, 둥그-ㄴ

동그라미, 원(圓), a circle or round

Sometimes, "네모난 하늘" means a scene of the sky being seen through betwen many tall buildings

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