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in the school dud your teachers spoke MSA

when u  were in kindergarden ,  primary school, junier to high school,  did all of teachers  use MSA to teach in the class,  or they use  lical dialect?




NO ONE speaks in standard Arabic in daily life. I have a teacher who speaks in standard Arabic, but it's strange and funny to hear him. In my opinion, it's unnatural. But acceptable from a foreigner. So, if you speak in standard Arabic, people will understand you. No problem!

I took Arabic from four different instructors.  They all only spoke MSA (modern standard/spoken Arabic) when instructing.  Both my instructor from Sudan and my instructor from Morocco spoke local languages with everyone else in class.  I wanted them to use MSA with taking with me, but they spoke to me in English to my dismay.

I wish we had the ability to edit our submissions.  The first "with" in the final thought should be "when".  The editing artifact is a result of my reflection on my experience in class.  I enrolled in a class in Modern Spoken Arabic and even purchased the textbook.  The class was dropped due to lack of enrollment.  The Arabic classes typically had 23 of 25 seats filled with native Arabic speakers looking for academic credit for their native language.  I was one of only two "language learners" in each class.  The instructors joked with everyone else in local languages.  Some students knew only their own local language though many could speak Moroccan Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, and MSA.

No, At general schools here in Egypt, teachers speak the region's dialect, They may speak MSA just in Arabic language courses.

but the books are written in MSA of course.

In my school, most teachers mix standard Arabic with dialects (the speak with standard when they explain but sometimes the shift to their dialects).. some of them use the standard more than the dialects and some of them use their dialects more than the standard.

but I remember 2 of my Arabic language teachers talked only with standard.. even outside the class when we talk to them, they speak with the standard Arabic.

Arabic teachers should speak in standard Arabic only in the class but not everyone do that.

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