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Frustration with verbs (fiiler) and adjectives (sıfatlar)


Turkish speakers:


I've encountered some trouble with Turkish because I have tried to learn it like Spanish in Portuguese.


As Turkish speakers, what would you recommend to a beginner:  should I focus more on verb conjugation at first, or more on adjectives?  Thanks for your help!



i think you should work on verbs and their conjuctions i can help if u want :D


Verbs in Turkish are more difficult then the adjective

Bcs Turkish has no genders, an adjective keeps its form as it is, thus compared to Portuguese or Spanish it is easy

I would also think Turkish is not extremely rich in terms of adjective vocabulary

Turkish verbs are difficult as it does not follow the same logic as indo european languages, no auxillary verb for example. They are very regular, but still very difficult for beginner level

Yet again you can not go without learning the verbs

I suggest at beginner level you concentrate verb to be and to have which are quiet difficult still.. and u proceed slowly with the tenses..


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