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How Safe is South Korea?

I am a student in high school and I really want to go on exchange to either Japan or South Korea. I'm really interested in both countries and am currently trying to figure out which one I want to go to. One problem: convincing my parents. Right now, I'm trying to convince them to let me go to Japan, because whenever I mention Korea, it becomes out of the question. From what I've heard about South Korea is that it's safe and most of the threats from north korea are bluffs and it's perfectly safe to go. So what I'm wondering is if anyone has any information to help prove to my parents that South Korea is a safe country to go to, or if I'm wrong and South Korea really is a war zone.



Let your parents understand (in case they don't) that North and South Korea are separate countries and that while the North hates America, the South is one of our very close allies in the world. In terms of your own concerns, you are correct. Despite the Korean War (in which my grandfather served) still technically being on and having never ended, there is no "war" happening, just a lot of soldiers staring at each other, literally across the border of each other. Any invasion would be met by both American and South Korean servicemen. Hope you can convince your parents!


I've been to Seoul a couple of times. It's pretty safe and modern. As far as a war threat is concerned, I hope a local South Korean will clear things up for both of us. Personally, I have no fear about going back again. :)

I laugh when people often ask me who living in Korea, if Korea is safe to visit. The misunderstanding about that thing is probably North Korea-Korea relations. But only foreigner care and worry about it North Koreans and South Koreans don't care at all because nothing to worry about. Actually, the safety is one of the good thing about Korea. Actually, foreigners make Korean not safe. I saw some foreigners especially black man who attack Koreans in Itaewon and Korea's most unsafe place is Itaewon foreigners made perfectly safe place to unsafe. Korea is amazingly safe than US, France and Spain. My Korean friends told me night is unsafe so don't walk home along any day when you drunk. But man, I aways walk home along at 1 AM - 3 AM and I feel perfectly safe. I think this is why many Koreans drunk at 1 AM - 3AM in the street lol.

i mean every day, not any day

Are you even read my message? :(

I agree with you anyway

Yeah, every day is right. Sorry I reply to your message before I read the new one. And no, I live in Incheon. I haven't sent a parcel to South Korea so I'm not sure but maybe the same with China.

I've been to Korea, and I never felt unsafe when I was there. I wasn't in Seoul, so I can't say whether the big city is less safe, but in the smaller cities I was in, I was never too worried about becoming a crime victim.

I've been a lone woman traveller in S.Korea and I never had any problems going about Korea. There's no atmosphere or signs of impending doom :P. It's modern and people were helpful even though I didn't speak the language. I went to Pusan and Seoul. Also Japan is similar. Really they have lots in common, so it'd be strange to see them differently in terms of safety.

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