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Is grammar really necessary to learn languages?


What do you think about it? How much time you spend learning grammar? 



是的 如果你学习外国语言的话 很有必要

Though I am bad at Grammar but I do believe that it is so necessary to learn any language. It gives the important bases to form sentences from the simplest to the most complicated ones.

i think Grammer is the foundation to learn English.but when you speak to  English native speakerS,you will find just few words can make them understand you even you use the wrong Grammer.



Not at the beginning, no.  Learn grammar after you have a solid foundation in the language.  Don't study it, use it as reference instead.

I agree on Søren's remark , at the beginning of learning a new language , Your interest is the most critical key point for you . Do not attempt to mess your appetite at first . 


Dear  Søren

excuse me , what does it mean ? "use it as reference instead."


yep, grammar is the main aspect of language learning...once you learn grammar you will be able to make sentances and since grammar of many languages is the same once you wanna learn another language its gonna be easier for you to learn it :)

Absolutely not. You can start speaking a language without learning grammar. However, if you know grammar, you will be less likely to make mistakes.

I agree to Søren and Bruce.

Grammar is completely intuitive.  Studying grammar is like studying how to walk.  Walking is a natural process from crawling, to stumbling, to walking.  Grammar is also a natural process from memorization, to imitation, to self-production.  You don't think about walking or grammar, you just try to do the best you can with what you have, and by persisting, you reach a higher stage.

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