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Talking languages?


Right now I am looking for a buddy to learn languages with. I am interested in the most languages. Myself I am a native swedish-speaker who can learn you swedish if you want to and a bit of some languages I am learning myself (I can't garanti that I know much in these "secondlanguages" but I might can learn what I have read me to).

I even looking for someone to might talk with a bit.


I'll be here!






My English isn't perfect, no. Not even in a little text like this one over us. But I am trying as good as I can. Like I can see so can I make myself understood, and that's good.

When it comes to English I am more interested of listening and reading rather than talk or write myself.

Just like you English is my second language from school.


I would love to talk with you and to practice it. This thing with teacher's to help should be something very good for me if you haven't the time or will.


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