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How to find a good language partner ?

First of all, you are not always asking native English speakers to practice with you as most of them would be so frustrated and bored by your fragmented sentences . Most English levels of non native speakers are far lower than native speakers unless that one has different intention to speak to you (eg: teachers or lovers).Secondly , Both of you had better share similar goals during the road of learning English . I intend to pass IELTs test in the future months , so I want to find a language partner with similar goals or intention . At least , he has to know what I am trying to do. Finally , you cannot expect your partners have the same level in English as you .You may talk and listen , try to find some way to enhance your english , respect , tolerate your partners and never push your partners too much . You will get improved and make a progress as long as you reflex from every conservation . However, it is not so fast as you expect . Time is the biggest enemy to English learners especially in the scope of speaking and listening .




I agree.  It's very difficult when you are starting a new language.  There is an extended period, while you absorb the basics, where you can't have a conversation yet.  I know, that is where I am at with my Mandarin at the moment.  I am trying to learn tones, as I have been told that if I get into bad habits in pronouncing words, it will be harder to correct later.  But I am a very boring language partner.  :-)

Thanks Allen.I like your discussions because it helps me specially how to remember new vocab.

i wish you submit discussion like that again with  new words :)

Thanks for help.

It is good to find a comparable language partner or native speakers . However, it is ideal as most english speakers would not like to practice with you without any reward . Rather than listening training, to speak prefers to train your organization and thinking in English . it is not necessary for you to practice with native English speakers  . Furthermore, If only you can find a native speaker , your partner must be patient enough to correct you , otherwise , you are as good as Ayad at speaking , while , that indicates  you are not always necessary to have a native speaker partner .  A patient partner who wants to practice with you is critical instead of native speakers . Of course , if a native speaker who are willing to allow you practice, it is the best .

I agree, that the best communication happens in the case, when both partners are interested in. For example, on dating websites or in forums with common interests. 

Moreover, to start conversation with new partner is rather boring in all cases. Because you have to tell about your life the same information, to ask the same questions and you won't remember most of all answers of your new friends. 

I think you shouldn't start conversation from ordinary phrases. First of all, you should amaze and be interesting for your partner. And of course you can do it when you have some knowledges in studying language. 

You have a number of good points here; however, I'd like to stress the fact that learning is a complex process. Having a native speaker as a partner is good in general but you have to keep in mind that only English teaching native speakers are capable of steering the learning process toward the learners’ advantage. Second and/or Foreign (other) language speakers who are trained language professionals, in my opinion, are more capable of that since they have been through a similar process.

Regarding your point about the favourability of having a language learning partner, in my point, is accentual. Many language learners face psychological barriers when it comes to speaking with a native rather than a fellow learner. I think it might be good to have a bit of both with more stress on fellow language learner for constant practice.

The last point which I would like to discuss is the boredom or impatience issues for language teachers in general. I speak for myself here of course, but I have never found myself in that situation. I think maybe because I am passionate about what I do. Also, most of my teaching is voluntary and the part that I do at the university, I do get paid good money for it. So, it all depends on the teacher’s objectives and motives.

I hope italki add the edit option soon :)




essential = accentual


It seems all right

If you only find a language partner or teachers, soon when they get bored and desperate with you who have no progress at all or cannot practice speaking with you everyday instead they just do typing because of busy life or can speak with you in certain time like on weekend but not always, well..they will be 'kick you out' from their language partners term. 

Jy opinion how to find a good language partner is dont. Find friends so you have connection and strong will to improve each other and never give up no matter how worst you are and discuss not only trivial or daily life matters or aboutyour own progress but start with whatevef topic eventhough it is  very private to talk too. Learning is not solely about rules but also about everything.

Yulia Archibasova


I suggest you can find the language partner with similar view of practice . You had better arrange your lesson on a basis of regular schedule and topic oritented  instead of random talking . Only if you look up to your speaking as a lesson , your language would be improved effectively. Language learning is not equal to mere conversation .

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