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How many Big Mac could you pay with the minimum salary amount in your country?

The minimum salary is senseless if we do not know the cost of the life. So the big mac should be an easier and effective comparison.
To begin : in France I can get around 287 big macs with our minimum salary.



about 100

568,561 Big Macs (in my homecountry Luxembourg)

An interesting way of calculating a minimum salary :-)

Only one flaw, you did not take into concideration that some countries don't have McDonald's fast-food chain :-) 

I'm from russia( Siberia , Tyumen) . In my city Big Mac costs 87rubles ( 2 euro) and the minimal salary in my region is 7000rubles(160euro). So I can buy about 80 Big Macs 

In the middle of the United States, a Big Mac costs $4. The weekly salary of a person who earns minimum wage is $290.  Somebody with their minimum wage salary could buy 72 Big Macs each week or 300 Big Macs each month.  

If you were to watch the film "Super Size Me", then you would never want to buy any more Big Macs.  "Super Size Me" is a film documentary about the adverse health effects of eating too much fast food from McDonald's.

A McDonald's "Quarter Pounder with Cheese" in the United States is referred to as a "Royal Cheese" in France, because France uses the metric system whereas the United States still uses the old system of English measurements.




It depends on if they have the 2 for $2 special or not. 

Steve H : Pulp Fiction ;)

Don't forget that in France you can order a beer at McDonalds. I just don't know what kind of people would do that.

You know what they call a Whopper at a Burger King in France.  I dunno, I never went there.  ...  haha


I wish that I could buy a beer at McDonald's, I'd always order the super-sized McBeer.   ...  :P

Soon , it will has red wine.

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