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how to say"I love you" with your lauguage??


how about that in your country?



Russian: Я люблю тебя

You can express I love in Indonesian by saying " Aku suka kamu "

It has the same pronounciation with what written in it

Indonesian: "aku cinta kamu/padamu"

Tagalog: "Iniibig kita" (Only for lovers)

Aku Suka Kamu, Aku Cinta Kamu :D


tuki ga kirei desune(月が綺麗ですね) The moon is beautiful.

shin de mo iiwa(死んでもいいわ) I may die for you.

misoshiru wo tukuttekure(味噌汁を作ってくれ) make miso-sope for me. (only propose)



Can we say "I love you" in the language we are learning too? Or is it only our natives?


"I love you" in swedish is "jag älskar dig"




In Spanish is ''Te amo''

Two options in Filipino:


1. Mahal Kita or Minamahal kita.

2. Iniibig kita.


But for me Minamahal kita is more romantic and meaningful for it gives us an idea of a selfless love. The word mahal implies that I am giving myself. While the word Ibig which means "want" or "love" (like amorer and querer of spanish). Iniibig kita is like saying I want you, it is self imposing. 


Perhaps, if you will study Filipino you'll get to understand me:)

you can say in vietnamese "anh yêu em (for boy)"  or "em yêu anh (for girl) only for your lover.

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