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it is amazing for me that most of the users know more than one lanuage! how is it possible?



Some country like Philippines requires english subject as part of curriculum since elementary school. Then if you study college, you may encounter learning foreign language also.

It amazing me too.

Most Indonesians have more than one languages; their vernacular language and Bahasa Indonesia. If they learn English, or Japanese or Arabic or German or any other languages,,,,It means that they have at least 3 languages. Besides, it is our need to learn many languages because of job and gobalisation issues... (^__^)

There are countries and territories with more than one official language.

I am from Barcelona and there are both Catalan and Spanish learnt at school. We learn also English.

I think, that children which learn more than one language can easily learn, as adults, new languages.


It's amazing!!!!


It's possible because all of us are humans.

We have the same potencial possibilities for pronounce. The way it's practice, to talk and to hear a lot.

We have the same real world for taking significances and we put a lot of symbols for every one of them.

We have the possibility for open to the new worlds. And the possibility for this in according with Claude Levi-Strauss is we have the same logical structures in mind...


But difference languages are like magic for opening secret doors to anothers views worlds!!!! to anothers ways of life!!! to anothers souls in every mind!!!!

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