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In which country would you like to live?



Türkiye :)

China, Singapore, Vietnam.

India , My Mother Land.


I would be perfectly content in my home countries (Denmark and Sweden) as well as Norway, Iceland, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Japan,  Taiwan, Luxumburg, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Poland, or even Italy too.


I like my country, but I'd prefer England, the USA, France or Italy


I want to live in Paris :)

turkey but   as well as   I would like to live  poland   and norway. finally   Monaco  (I think  monaco is not a country exactly    but.  there is no taxes in monaco :))



I´m happy in my country, Uruguay. I´m proud to be Uruguayan,and don´t want to emigrate.There are many beautiful places around the world where I could live,but my place is here.

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