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What king of animal do you like ?

There are many animals in the world. I like annimals .I like going to zoo.Everyone has his own favourite animal.Someone like cute animal like little dog and cat.Some like fierce animal like tiger or wolf.what's your favourite animal?And why do you like it?



There are TOO many animals in the world. I(REALLY) like annimals .I ALSO like going to THE zoo.Everyone has his own favourite kind of animal.Someone likeS cute animal like little dog and/OR cat.Some OTHERS like fierce animal like tiger or wolf.what's your favourite animal?And why do you like it?

Thank you for your corrections

I like cats and horses. They're cute and easy to get along with. 

cats rock ! 

Heey, someone could help me in a composition?


Chihuahuas, Starfish, Monkeys, Cheetahs, Zebras, Mules (The Donkey and Horse hybrid.  Although I can't ride them because of my severe allergies :( ), Leopards, Whales, Dolphins, Frogs, and so on. I like more animals than just these but it would be too tedious to list them all so here are my favourites anyway.

This is weird, but for some reason I like snakes and spiders. :) These are my favorite creations, besides humans. :D

you are right.... including Us ... are animals too....but we are the kind of animal that has high in intelligence. wild and tame.  I like  dog , of the  most animal aside from humans. dogs can be easily

tamed . most likely a friend to every human and probably the most favorite pets at home. it can easily be taught to watch home when we are away or outside. burglars are afraid of its rabbies and big bites

especially if dogs are really trained . it has been said that  dogs are mans best friend. its really true.

you can talk to them, hug and they listen. it shows when their tails move to show that they respond to your talks.


Cheetah, Horse and Tigers


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