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What about a Whatsapp English - Spanish exchange?


I am looking for people who are learning Spanish to exchange English too. Is there anyone interested?



Yes! I've got WhatsApp and would love to exchange English/Spanish! Estoy aprender espanol ahora!



I really enjoy knowing other people and reading very interesting stories. I born in Ecuador, but I lived 5 years in San Juan - Argentina- since 2002 to 2006. Rigth now, I've been in Chile since 2008. 
What about you?.

Hola! I speak English and currently learning Spanish. I use Whatsapp with a group of buddies from all over the world to practise the language.


If you are interested in joining us, please visit our blog:

or our facebook page:


Looking to you meet you!


¡Hasta luego!


Hola, alguien que quiera practicar español y ayudarme a practicar mi inglés vía whatsapp!? 

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