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To what extent are you afraid in an interview?

I think the most difficult aspect of an interview is its fear. You are afraid you may not get the job, you may not sound qualified enough or you may even sound too dumb to apply for it. This fear can take different forms. You may shake, you may sweat, you may even do both.
For me, my fear announces its existence in my voice. It's the most common complaint of my interviewers that my voice is too low to be heard. Even when the interview is not for something that important to me, even when the possibility of me passing the interview is 90%, I still can't raise my voice. My friends say this will change by practice, but so far it didn't.
It not only happens with interviews, but also with presentations. I am always asked to raise by voice by my audience. I raise it, but without me noticing, it fades again in a minute.
Do you face the same problem? Do you face a difficulty keeping your voice high in interviews?

Tell us about your interview fears.
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Fear in interviews can definitely make your voice lower than you would like and make it difficult for interviewers to hear you. In my experience, I end up saying something stupid or forgetting something important I wanted to say. . .like the time in the interview for an English as a second language teacher in a school where they wanted a bilingual teacher and all I could say in response to their question that was spoken in Spanish was that I could understand what she asked, but I couldn't answer in Spanish.


Your quote: My friends say this will change by practice, but so far it didn't.

Correction: My friends say this will change WITH practice, but so far it HASN'T.

as long as it does not concern words i don't know, there is nothing to fear!

I'll try to give you some advice. First and the most important thing -you MUST trust  in yourself. And you don't have to afraid of an  employer. He is a person too. Second you should take special classes. Third you should read books and watch video by this topic. Also going at interview you have to think that you is the same person who  will get this job. Good luck!))

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