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Why do you want to learn Russian?


Hi everybody, I'm going to teach Russian langueage and would like to know why foreigners want to learn it. According to this information I would know what kind of learners I should expect and then focus on helping them. Support your decision with specific reasons please?



I always wanted to learn Russian but you need many time to study, you must study another alphabet, pronunciation and speaking. I still do not learn well the alphabet but I can recognize some letters, I have little time due to university.

For reason, it could be various. To teach foreign students better starts with simple Russian common phrase that usually spoken by Russian in their daily life. For the theme, choose more interesting ones but the scope still about Russian. It could be taken from movies, musics, Russian taboo, slang, culture, tradition, poem, news even about daily life and sort of things. Grammar and reading are important but they can learn by themselves first since both of them need time more. Good luck Alex.



Hi Alberto and Yulia (Yulia? it is a Russian name and you don't know Russian?), thank you for your responds. That is nice to know that there are so many active people here on italki. Yes that is true that learning language takes a lot of time, however, as any other great skill. As much as tried to fasten my learnig process while I was learning English as more I realized that I can't speed up it. Because there is just to many information that you have to understad and remember. Unfortunately our brain does not work like computer and have to get learn everything piece by piece, brick by brick. One day you suddenly realize that your language skills became much bettery and youe speach is fluent. Like a beautiful house build for a long time. The secret is simple never stop!

You are welcomed to learn it. I'm here for such purposeful people as you. Just by learnig half an hour three times a week you can learn how to converse with native speakers. Piece by piece...


"Многие говорять, что во времена СССР все были равны и поэтому у всех в_принципе был одинаковый и стабильный уровень жизни. Это, конечно, хорошо, но, равны были и те, кто трудились, и те, кто не особо себя утруждали и, соответсвенно, не достойны своих привелегий. Так, на мой взгляд, развития не будет. Сейчас каждый за себя, умеешь - получишь."



Are you really goinig to teach the Russian language to foreigners?


Yes of course, I’m also ready to offer my help to you.

The post you have put here was took from the entry that was written on very popular theme therefore many Russian and people who are familiar with the issue made comments there. Some of them made corrections to the author‘s post and some of them just discussed over the subject, me one of them. I was not going to make any corrections or express someone with perfect Russian, I just wanted to express my opinion on the subject. The fact that my post is going to be understandable to Russians was enough. Your post is evidence,

Usually I don't check my posts and messages for correction when I'm talking to a friend or just someone whos native language is Russian. And there is no need for that, because anyway they will understand you. I'm sure I'm not alone in this case. Don't you do this way?


Furthermore while learning English I made friends with a lot of people from USA and England, besides I meet lots of toursits here and like to talk with them about their countries and culture. And when they write me on Facebook, phone, or other websites, they rarely pay attenition to their grammar in messages. Just because they got evidence that my English is not bad and I understand them clearly. Aslo they use may contractions. But, most of them are also teachers or engineers and owner of other professons demanding higher education.


On the other side: There is a difference between conversation with someone who understand you anyway, and someone who learns language. When I'm writing or talking to someone who does not know Russian well I always write correctly. If you want to see how my Russian really is just try look over on my correcntion to Russian learner's entries.


Thank you for readnig this essay. I hope my English is also understandable :)

You may put as many negative signs as you wish, but you are not able to change the fact.


Those, who are good in spelling and grammar, make almost no mistakes, no matter with whom they are communicating. Everyone can make a mistake or simply press a wrong button, but yout mistakes are not of that type.


When you correct someone's entry, you make a lot of mistakes as well.


"Все говорят, что это не голос привидения, а звуки ветера, и не нужно преувеличивать их значение"






"Потому что английские слова были короче чем русские."

"...у меня было меньше ошибок в правописании, чем на русском языке."

"Если я запоминаю одно слово, мне будет трудно забыть его..."


 "Во всем мире многие люди поклоняються ему."

"Он высокий." - It was not a mistake, the ending is optional here.




"и потом я заснул, пока она еще пыталась разговаривать со мной!"

"Кажется, оба значат "exactly", но я не уверен."



"... поэтому её мать и сёстры часто обращаются к ней, чтобы разрешать/решать (more natural) решить какие-либо проблемы."

"... она, чаще всего писала важные письма..."


"Стоимость еды в ресторане намного выше для трих людей трёх человек."

"... и она, видимо, не стала дожидаться, пока я его приготовлю.."

оркови", "стереотип", "банальным"






"Во_время поездки"

"и эта поломка может стать причиной несчастного случая, поэтому надо ее отремонтировать"- Поломку не ремонтируют, ее устраняют. Ремонтируют предметы, например, велосипед (он), тормоз (он).

"на которых висят много велосипедов" - The ending here is optional.



 "Я учусь на третьем курсе (where? в колледже, интституте...)"



"поскольку", "куда-то"




"2) отправьте мне дружбу" - Предложите мне дружбу / отправьте мне предложение дружить / отправьте мне предложение о дружбе / попросите меня добавить вас в список друзей


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