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How to forget someone who gave you everything in life?

In the most horrible situations, you sometimes have to say goodbye to someone who you love, and someone who gave you everything in life. In such situations, what is the best thing to do to actually forget this person and move on with life? :(





It is impossible to forget such person. What we can only forget are those feelings that we had for him/her as time passes by.

If i have such a great person in my life, I will never say goodbye to him!

It's impossible to forget someone completely, as their memories stay with us forever. But all I can say to you is that whoever that person was, they were not meant to stay forever with you :) They were to leave one day. You keep one thing in mind and that is, before that person came in your life- you were living without them. If you could do that then, then you can do that now. Everything happens for a reason! Good luck ^_^

I believe that you cannot forget a person that you truly loved. You can only move forward in life, and be thankful for the memories that you have of the person. 

go and turn to new things in our lives..

Remember that you are now acting in a new context, one that doesn't include the other person.  It's hard, but this is a different life.  And now YOU have to think, "Who am I in this new situation without this person?"  At times sad, but also a bit invigorating because of the control you can take over your life.

I had to! My brother.. At times you come to a hazy space in mind where you find the need to let go of what's loose.. Specially for me, I'm the kind of person who'd rather have her mind closed to what once seemed beautifull.. for me, letting go of my brother whom i owed most of my experiences and understandings to was the hardest step I ever took! Yet, I cannot say if it was a step down or forward. :)

That's the hardest thing in life: saying goodbye to someone you love and forgetting a person who gave you everything.

You have to think how you may survive without his "everything" . Be sure to find your something to live  on and independence in your life gradually . I am sure you will find the way out if you really think through of it .

Only one cure... in love with someone else, if not then even time cannot help at all.

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